Wednesday Mar 29, 2023

Episode #28 - Techstrong 55, Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Hello everyone and welcome to Techstrong 55. Today is Wednesday, March 29th, and I am your host William Willis. In today’s show, we will hear about migrating and deploying application workloads in the cloud with Gloria Zhang from ASCENDING LLC. Then, we will hear about shifting application security left and right with Sandeep Johri from Checkmarx. Finally, we will hear about marrying automation with intelligence with Zoe Clelland from Nintex.

Without further ado, let's get the show started. Enjoy.


In this Episode:


Migrating and Deploying Application Workloads in the Cloud - Gloria Zhang, ASCENDING LLC


Shifting Application Security Left and Right - Sandeep Johri, Checkmarx


Marrying Automation with Intelligence - Zoe Clelland, Nintex

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