Friday May 19, 2023

Episode #65 - Techstrong 55, Friday, May 19, 2023

Hello everyone and welcome to Techstrong 55. Today is Friday, May 19th, and I am your host William Willis. In today’s show, we will hear about how event-driven applications are going to dominate IT landscapes with Shawn McAllister from Solace. Then, we will hear about the maturity curve for AI in security with Chris Meenan from IBM. Finally, we will hear about the IT challenges of multi-cloud and hybrid cloud computing with Chad Dunn from Dell.

Without further ado, let's get the show started. Enjoy.


In this Episode:


Event-Driven Applications to Dominate IT Landscape - Shawn McAllister, Solace


Maturity Curve for AI in Security - Chris Meenan, IBM


IT Challenges of Multicloud and Hybrid Cloud Computing - Chad Dunn, Dell

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